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Company Country
3Tech Corporate Limited

PV panels, wind turbine, solar street lights and bollard lights, renewable energy model, solar pest killer, ...
Hong Kong
Asia Machinery Agency Company Ltd

Phone: 852-2682311 ...
Hong Kong
Asian Environmental Protection

Sewage Maintenance, Solid Waste Treat, Incinerat & Recyc S, Transport,Collection & Sorting of Waste, ...
Associated Engineers, Limited

Phone: 852-2767179 ...
Hong Kong
BillionGroup Technologies Limited

Energy Consultant Services, BG LED Lighting Products, BG Hitech Reflector, BG Constantvoltage Fluorescent ...
Hong Kong
Biobag HK Ltd

Biodegradable & compostable bags. Biobag for household, catering, gardens waste, agricultural mulch film, ...
Hong Kong
Biozone Scientific International Limited

PowerZone Series, AirCare Series, PR Series, PE Series, IceZone Series, InDuct Serie ...
Hong Kong
Bunhoi Co Ltd

Series of environmentally-friendly household products namely "Bio-Home" That is collaboration with The ...
Hong Kong
Butting GmbH & Co KG

Sewage Systems & Treatment, Solid Waste Recycling Tech & Eqpt, Water Treatment Eqpt & Dist System, Waste ...
California Air Limited

Consumer Product : ...
Hong Kong
Catalyst (HK) Environmental Technology Limited

Air Pollution & Gas Emission Control, Air Purification, Filtration & Deodourisation Tech & Eqp ...
Hong Kong
Creative Blinds Company

Vollay Aluminium Shutter and Shading Systems are designed to provied a complete range of shading, privacy ...
Hong Kong

Phone: 43-(7273)-603 ...
Envac Far East Ltd

Automated waste collection system, kitchen waste collection system, mobile waste collection system, hospital ...
Hong Kong
Euroby Limited

Grey water & effluent disinfection systems, dewatering processes & technologies magnetic flocculation ...
United Kingdom
Forleda Eco-Services Company Limited

GPET is an eco product series made with 80 - 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottle. Recycled bottles ...
Hong Kong
Frogswell Ltd

Phone: 852-2958042 ...
Hong Kong
Fukutomi Co Ltd

Phone: 852-3551813 ...
Hong Kong
Goody Environmental (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd

Phone: 852-2891113 ...
Hong Kong

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